Something Off The Shoulder

IMG_3106 IMG_3110 IMG_3116 IMG_3121 IMG_3175 IMG_3187 IMG_3154 IMG_3184 IMG_3171 So today I went into Manhattan for a wedding (just the church/ceremony part) but also had plans in Queens right after to go to lunch for my dads birthday. I needed to wear something that could work for both occasions. I will admit, the wedding was pretty casual so I didn’t have to think too hard. Here’s what I came up with!

I have been obsessed with the off the shoulder trend. I’v actually loved the trend for years because it’s so flattering and forgiving on so many body shapes.  I paired my RoseGal dress (which is tall girl friendly due to the back falling lower than the front) with some gladiator heels and done! Simple yet chic 🙂


Dior Technologic Sunglasses – Palladium

Affordable Sunglass Option

Same or Similar Dress

Similar Off The Shoulder Dress

Michael Antonio Women’s Jeselle Gladiator

Marc Fisher LTD Fair Gladiator Sandal (Similar)

My Small Apartment Tour (Before & After)

So a little over a year ago I posted a blog post called My First Apartment! Since then, I haven’t done an update. So here it is!

(I apologize in advance for the not so great pictures, I was not expecting to do a before and after) 

I finally was able to get my apartment to about 98% done. Because lets be honest, there’s always things I’m changing around and wanting to add. It took me so long because prior to my boyfriend and I moving in, a couple had been living there and the appearance of the apartment was far from my style. Not to mention, I decided to change what they had as their bedroom to our living room and switch what they had as their living room/dining room to our bedroom.  It just made more sense.

I started with a fresh coat of paint on every single wall including the bathroom.  I also added a striped accent wall in the living room, which again use to be their bedroom.

The accent wall I added (the edges still needed to be touched up) STRIPED WALL 1 After the fresh paint on all walls, the apartment already looked one hundred times better. It’s true what they say….paint really does wonders.  After the paint came more paint…that is  Rust-Oleum Tub And Tile Refinishing paint. Because I did not want to spend the money to get rid of the tiles in the bathroom, I decided to paint all the tiles white. A great quick fix for ugly outdated tiles.

The bathroom before regular paint & fresh paint on the tiles BETHROOM BEFORE 1 The bathroom after paint etc. bathroom 3 bathroom 2 The bedroom was the room that was done the fastest. After the paint, I just added some basic furniture and minimal decor pieces. Where they had their dining room set up, I changed it into a small “office like” area for my blogging/YouTube.

The before of their living room aka our new bedroom LIVING ROOM BEFORE 1 LIVING ROOM BEFORE 3 The after of where they had the TV bedroom 1 The after of where they had their dining room set bedroom 2 I did decorate a little more in this area because again this is my work desk/beauty area etc.

Before I get to my favorite room in the apartment lets talk about the kitchen. The kitchen was actually my last project because I had originally thought it was going to be redone so I didn’t want to begin decorating or fixing it.  It worked out where the renovations could not be done so I kept it pretty simple. Again fresh paint on all the walls and cabinets. I also changed out the old cabinet knobs for new shiny silver ones. I then added a temporary backslash to cover the outdated one and finished it off with some rustic elements. I also added a bar top (that I DIYed) and some bar stools from target. The kitchen is a decent size for an apartment but I wanted to add even more room.  I did that by creating the bar top instead of the traditional table and chairs option.

The kitchen before KITCHEN BEFORE 2 KITCHEN BEFORE 1 The kitchen after (the bar top and stools)  kitchen after 1 The temporary backsplash blacksplash 2 My living room was my favorite room to decorate and is still my favorite room in my apartment. I wanted it to be cozy but modern. I again added the accent wall for that modern edge. The accent wall is a light grey and white. That was my theme for the rest of the room: different tones of grays, silvers and small pops of navy and purple. The accent wall called for some more attention. I added a beautiful mirror I found at Home Goods, which also slightly opened up the room. Then a mirrored table from Target.  I decorated the table with some picture frames and items I found at places like Target, Marshalls and Home Goods. I also added a white throw rug and accent pillows on the couch to make it cozy.

The before of what was their bedroom and what is now my living room BEDROOM BEOFRE 1 The after of the same angle/wall  living room 1 The full living room  living room after 1  When I first came to see this apartment it wasn’t what I was looking for but with a little inspiration and motivation (and lots of paint) I was able to really fall in love with the space. I hope it can bring a little inspiration to someone else.



For links and the full apartment tour video click HERE

Something Casual In My Adidas

1111 grey 1.0 grey 3 grey 2 blog 9 blog 5 Today I headed into Chelsea to check out some art work at the David Zwirner Gallery.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aloud to take pictures or videos but it was a very small exhibit so you aren’t missing out.  It was sunny but freezing so I decided to wear a cozy turtleneck sweater with a pair of boyfriend jeans and my Superstar Adidas. I love how these sneakers (and sneakers in general) are back in style.  I think they’re going to transition perfectly into spring and summer. I also topped my outfit off with this grey duster coat from Shein.  I can wear this coat with anything and even tho it was very inexpensive, it instantly makes me feel chic.


Dior Technologic Sunglasses – Palladium

Affordable Sunglass Option

Long Sleeve Turtleneck Pullover Sweater

Forever 21 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – Similar Here

Grey Duster Coat

Adidas Originals Superstar White & Black Sneakers

(The sneakers run 1/2 to a full size big, I got a full size down) 

The Preview With MEJURI

 wanted to share exclusively with me and all of you entry to preview their brand new designs before they open them to the public! During the preview, they also give those wanting to pre-order the items the opportunity to purchase at 20% off (for 3 days), after which the prices will go up to full-price. Take advantage of getting these minimalistic pieces at a discounted price and check out the rest of their pieces while you’re there.

Click Here For The Preview

chic week 4

Top 12 Netflix Shows To Watch While Staying In


Whether you’re staying home with your significant other on Valentines Day or just hanging solo on your couch with some wine, I listed all the Netflix shows I have finished and would totally recommend.  These aren’t going to be your typical romantic comedies or anything like that, but isn’t that a little cliche?  These are simply just good shows to watch on your down time.

1. The Killing
2. Broad Church
3. Jessica Jones
4. The Fall
5. Friends
6. How To Get Away With Murder
7. Making a Murder
8. Scandal
9. Maron
10. Master Of None
11. Jane The Virgin
12. Narcos
*Bonus: Orange Is The New Black
Just a heads up, most my taste in shows is either “Murder Mystery” or “Light & Funny”.

Something Fringe & Leather

IMG_2696 IMG_2693 IMG_2666 IMG_2670 IMG_2676 IMG_2671 IMG_2690 IMG_2704 IMG_2702 Who doesn’t love an all black outfit? Black is honestly my favorite color to wear, and occasionally from head to toe.  Sometimes, all black outfits can fall flat. But playing with textures can spice it up.  Here I’m mixing fringe and leather.  I wanted the main focus to be on the beautiful fringe sweater so I paired it with simple faux leather leggings and a pair of minimalistic strappy heels.


Forever 21 Fringe Sweater – Similar One Here

Faux Leather Leggings – Similar Ones Here

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Leather Ankle-Strap Sandal

Saint Laurent SL 1 Flat Top Sunglasses



Something Grey & Black

Most Recent Fashion Essentials

essentials again

I had posted a picture on my Instagram (@Imchelseah) showing my recent fashion essentials and wasn’t able to give direct links so here they are!

  1. Grey Duster Coat from Shein
  2. WOC by CHANEL
  3. Air Max Thea by Nike
  4. SL Flat Top Sunglasses by Saint Laurent
  5. Workout Leggings from Forever21 – Similar ones here
  6. Basic V Neck T-Shirt by Soprano

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