Hey guys! long time no blog (inserts covering eyes emoji here) I’v been on a little hiatus from youtube and blogging because I finally moved into my new apartment! And it has been super time consuming to say the least. I’m sooo excited because this has been a long time coming.
My boyfriend and I moved out together January 2nd 2015 and it’s been crazy ever since.  I still have a bunch of boxes everywhere and as if we didn’t have enough going on we added a puppy into the mix.
  Everyone meet Eski 🙂
Eski 2
 I know, can she be any cuter? Shes a 4 month old Shiba Inu pup and I’m in love. Safe to say shes like my own child but I’ll blog more about her in the future.
Anyways back to my apartment.  We are renting from family on the upstairs of a “mother daughter” style house.  I’v been trying to organize but lets face it I have a lot of clothes, shoes, makeup etc and my boyfriend has his fair amount of stuff too.
As we get more settled in I also have been buying more and more home decor items! I actually love shopping for home decor items.  It has been my new obsession. Not to mention Pinterest has been everrythinnng. Where has it been all my life?!
I wanted to share some purchases that I have recently made.
ghost chair
This is going to be my vanity chair
(Amazon: Casper Dining Armchair in Clear)
chouch 2
The couch for my living room
(Walmart Axis Sofa in Graphite)
rug 2
Faux fur rug for my living room
(Esty 5 x 7 area rug)
Mirrored Console Table
Table for my living room
(Target Mirrored Console Table)
Some Decor Items:
I did do some more shopping than what is shown but I picked up the other items from places like Home Goods, Marshall’s etc. So I will be taking pictures of those items and posting it under the “Home Decor” tab (once I make that tab) and I will also be posting an apartment tour and home decor haul to my youtube channel.
I will be updating you all here and on my youtube throughout this journey!

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  1. John Lambert
    May 5, 2015 at 10:50 pm (3 years ago)

    Eski has to be the most adorable Shiba Inu ever! Hahaha! Anyway, going to your apartment, the vanity chair you picked out looks gorgeous, and that accent chair has gorgeous patterns as well. I also think that that faux fur rug will look great on your chic living room. You have quite the eye for design, Chelsea. Thanks for sharing that! Please do give us a tour soon. All the best to you! 🙂

    John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots

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