The Preview With MEJURI

 wanted to share exclusively with me and all of you entry to preview their brand new designs before they open them to the public! During the preview, they also give those wanting to pre-order the items the opportunity to purchase at 20% off (for 3 days), after which the prices will go up to full-price. Take advantage of getting these minimalistic pieces at a discounted price and check out the rest of their pieces while you’re there.

Click Here For The Preview

chic week 4

Something Fringe & Leather

IMG_2696 IMG_2693 IMG_2666 IMG_2670 IMG_2676 IMG_2671 IMG_2690 IMG_2704 IMG_2702 Who doesn’t love an all black outfit? Black is honestly my favorite color to wear, and occasionally from head to toe.  Sometimes, all black outfits can fall flat. But playing with textures can spice it up.  Here I’m mixing fringe and leather.  I wanted the main focus to be on the beautiful fringe sweater so I paired it with simple faux leather leggings and a pair of minimalistic strappy heels.


Forever 21 Fringe Sweater – Similar One Here

Faux Leather Leggings – Similar Ones Here

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Leather Ankle-Strap Sandal

Saint Laurent SL 1 Flat Top Sunglasses



Something Grey & Black

Most Recent Fashion Essentials

essentials again

I had posted a picture on my Instagram (@Imchelseah) showing my recent fashion essentials and wasn’t able to give direct links so here they are!

  1. Grey Duster Coat from Shein
  2. WOC by CHANEL
  3. Air Max Thea by Nike
  4. SL Flat Top Sunglasses by Saint Laurent
  5. Workout Leggings from Forever21 – Similar ones here
  6. Basic V Neck T-Shirt by Soprano

Louis Vuitton Rant

So about four years ago my boyfriend surprised me with a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 as a birthday gift.  I was in love because I had been wanting this bag for a while.  I used it as my everyday bag and would sometimes switch it out with a black bag depending on my outfit (although this bag really does goes with everything).  It soon became my favorite bag.  I had herd a lot of people who owned Louis Vuitton bags say that the more you wear them the better the leather looks because it starts to wear in. Because this was my first Louie bag thats what I expected.
Well that wasn’t the case for me.
I would say for about the first two years my bag was in great condition.  I always take care of my stuff because one I work hard for the things I buy and two I’m not rich so everything I buy means something to me.  Like I said this was a gift but you get what I mean.
I noticed around the third year of having the bag the leather and stitching started to come apart on the bottom four corners.
Louis v 1
louis v 2
View of the bottom of the bag
Mind you it didn’t really bother me that much because I figured putting it down on different surfaces may have caused that overtime.  But it was still frustrating to think my boyfriend spent $1000.00 on this bag and it wasn’t holding up as expected.
I probably should have taken it to Louis Vuitton when I noticed the damage but like I said it didn’t really bother me because it was on the bottom of the bag and I couldn’t see it getting any worse.
Fast forward to a couple months ago.  I noticed my bag had a small crack on the front of it.  I was like you got to be kidding me.  This time I was pissed and I didn’t understand why this was happening.
About last month I noticed that the small slit of a crack had become a full on tear of the leather!
louis v 3
louis v 4
Closeup of the tear
I had done nothing to have this happen so I figured if I called Louis Vuitton and went into the store they would be able to repair the bag or help in some way.  A couple of days later I called the store that the bag was originally purchased from and asked them what I should do.  They basically said they could’t help me over the phone because they would need to see the extent of the damage, which is understandable.
I went into the Louis Vuitton store not too long after and explained to a sales person the problem I was having and how I didn’t understand how this could happen.  She was kind of cold and basically said she couldn’t do anything and gave me a card to a shoe repair place that may or may not be able to help me.  Are you kidding me?!  A shoe repair place?  On her defense, I’m sure she didn’t have the power to really help me in that situation but I felt she could care less.
I asked her “why would this happen to my bag?”
Not to get confusing but right behind the tear on my bag  there’s a small pocket.  I use it to put my keys or my phone maybe a lipstick but it’s small so you really can’t put much in it unfortunately.  For the price you would think it would have a decent size pocket, this bag only has this little one.  Where I’m going with this is that she explained to me that because I was putting my phone or keys in that pocket, the leather began to stretch and it’s possible that’s what caused the tear.
louis v 5
I’m holding up the opening of the pocket in the inside of the bag
I couldn’t believe that.  What the hell is the point of having the pocket for?! My boyfriend paid $1000.00 (did I say the bag was $1000.00) and I can’t even use the side pocket of my bag?! Ridiculous.  Not to mention she couldn’t explain why the bottom of my bag looked the way it did.
All in all I was expecting her to tell me they could repair the bag or give me some kind of store credit beacuse it’s “not fixable”.  That didn’t happen.  I was in the store maybe 5 minuets and that was it.  She was done “helping” me.
I can definitely say I am never purchasing a bag from Louis Vuitton again.  I think it is absolutely ridiculous for a company (especially one that is as big as they are) to have such horrible costumer service and policies.  They didn’t even try to help me which is what upsets me the most.  Not to mention I have bags that are way cheaper that have lasted me much longer.
louis v 6
 How the bag looks on the other side
Update to today, It’s very hard to wear this bag considering it may continue to tear and to be quite honest it now looks like a fake. I might as well have gone to Chinatown.  I might try to contact corporate and see if they can do anything but I doubt they will.
I do still love this bag so I’m going to continue to wear it until it really can’t be worn anymore.
My advice is to do your research when it comes to designer bags, or anything designer for that matter.
Also be educated on how to take care of whatever item you purchase because had I known I couldn’t put anything in that pocket then I would’t have.
Lastly of course there are worse things in the world than me having a problem with this bag but I just wanted to share just in case I could help someone else.

Christmas Wishing

Okay I know, Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but I can’t help to think of all the “luxury” pieces I would love to see under the Christmas tree! Here are some things I’m currently lusting over:
christmas wishing  
From left to right: 
Stewart Weitzman The Lowland Boot $785.00:


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