Brunch? Yes please!


Yesterday, I decided to head into Soho for brunch at Jacks Wife Freda located at 224 Lafayette between Spring and Kenmare Street.

 When we arrived, the wait was about 40 minutes long. I had expected that because I have only heard good things about this particular spot (also we arrived around noon).  The hostess was very sweet and I was immediately impressed with how calm her demeanor was for how stressful this job could be.  After about 45 minutes we finally got seated. It was a little crammed but thats New York for you.

Our waiter was just as nice as the host. We started with their amazingly refreshing drinks as the waiter had suggested. I chose an iced green tea made with matcha and my friend and sister both chose a watermelon water. I tried both. The watermelon water was the better out of the two. It was just like biting into a fresh cold watermelon with chunks of the watermelon right inside the drink, yummm.

(All the rest of these pictures are from Snapchat: Chelseaabella)


My friend and I ordered the same thing. The Green Shakshuka which was very good. My sister had the Mediterranean Breakfast. Although I didn’t try hers, she said she wishes she could eat it everyday. Lastly we got one of their amazing waffles for the table. Everything was fairly priced (especially for NYC) and surprisingly more on the healthier side. All and all we really enjoyed ourselves and I would definitely recommend them!

After brunch we strolled down the streets of Soho looking for some New York City art work.

IMG_8721 IMG_8722

We ended our day by hitting up 10 Below on Allen Street. My friend had recommended it and I was down for some ice cream on such a warm summer day. They were packed. We waited online at least 20 minutes before we got to place our order. They had R & B music blasting so I was cool with the wait 🙂

They had 9 flavors to choose from. 8 original flavors plus one special. I’m a huge coffee flavor fan so I went for No. 5 “I Love You A Latte”…too cute. Not to mention they add condensed milk to it. I LOVE condensed milk.


The coolest part about this place is that they serve fresh, made-to-order ice cream. If you follow me on Snapchat then you know what I’m talking about.

They charge $8.00 for the one size they have available which is on the larger side. You also get unlimited toppings with that price. 

After about 35 minutes (all together) we had our ice cream. The time and energy they put into making the ice cream right in front of you translates to how good it taste. I opted for no toppings and it still was the best coffee ice cream I have ever had. I’m still dreaming about it.

snap4 (Shown below is I Love You A Latte & Cookie Monster Oreo with whipped cream) snap5 They also had a couple of pretty cool murals right by them as shown below. IMG_3549 snap3

It was a delicious end to a great day. What are some of your favorite things to do in Soho?



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