I have to say, fall is my FAVORITE season to shop for. I love all the layering, textures and shoe options. Therefore, I decided to share some of my favorite fall fashion trends!

1. Uneven Hem Denim: This trend takes your average jeans and makes them look effortlessly cool and chic. Pair with some booties, loafers or my favorite, pumps! Also very popular is the mom jean. Sometimes the mom jean may be combined with the uneven hem trend which I prefer. I actually DIYed a pair and they came out awesome so that may be an option for you.

2. Velvet Everything!: Velvet is huge this season. I’m seeing it on anything from bags, to shoes, to clothing. Something like the velvet Gucci bag is great because it incorporates another trend that is still huge which is the crossbody bag.

3. The Oversized Denim Jacket: I’m not sure how long this trend will really be around, but while it is, I will be wearing it. Not to mention, it’s a really comfortable way to wear a denim jacket.

4. The Over The Knee Boot: Similar to the leather jacket, I believe this trend is here to stay. Wether it’s a heeled version or a flat version, they can instantly make an outfit. Plus, you can look great while staying warm.

5. The Leather Biker Jacket: I mean does this trend ever really go away? This is my ultimate staple piece. From girly dresses to black jeans and a t-shirt, the leather jacket will always edge up an outfit.

6. The Athleisure Trend: Who doesn’t love to be able to wear your track pants, sneakers and leggings out the house without ever attending a yoga class. Me!

7. The Silk Cami/Slip Dress: This trend is sexy and feminine. Wearing this trend in the colder months can be challenging, but add a long sleeve top underneath and you’re good to go.

8. The Loafers: I love the loafer trend because I think it’s a great way to add menswear into your wardrobe without it being too much. Throw them on with your uneven hem mom jeans and you are instantly on trend 😉

9. The Choker: If I had to pick one jewelry trend for the season it would be the choker trend. It’s appropriate all year around, but something about a choker says fall to me.

10. The Embroidered Bomber Jacket (Anything Embroidered): Embroidery is everywhere thanks to Gucci. Like the velvet trend, I have seen it on jackets, shoes, bags and clothing. The embroidered bomber jacket is a fresh new take on your average bomber.


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